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Tri-M Music Honor Society will offer unique character-building opportunities to those Marriotts Ridge High School students who are involved in band, orchestra, chorus, and guitar class. In addition, as a music-focused organization, Tri-M will set the achievement bar high and encourage musical excellence for all music students. Much like the National Honor Society, Tri-M offers a proven structure to recognize students for their academic and musical achievements, to reward them for their accomplishments and service activities, and to inspire other students to excel at music, academics, and leadership.

The Marriotts Ridge community will benefit greatly from the presence of a Tri-M Chapter in our school. Spotlighting the achievements and talents of our most exceptional music students means positive visibility for the outstanding music education that is occurring every day in our building. Community service performed by the chapter's members earns public awareness, and fosters a positive relationship with our school.

Student Membership

Students who are eligible for Tri-M are sophomores, juniors, and seniors who:

1) are (or have been) in a school music ensemble or class for at least one semester of the current school year;

2) have maintained an A average grade in music, as well as at least a B average grade in other classes during the last semester.

3) have had some type of leadership role in a school or community activity;

4) have been a part of a school or community service activity for which no payment or other benefit was received;

5) regularly demonstrate respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, fairness, caring, civility, and citizenship; and/or

6) are members of the National Honor Society (in which case the student has already met the non-musical criteria for eligibility).


The central yearly project of the Tri-M Chapter at MRHS will be a unique and ongoing service relationship with the Ellicott City Senior Center. The MRHS Tri-M Chapter will present four musical performances each school year (one performance per quarter) called Mustang Musical Mondays at the Senior Center located behind the Miller Branch Library. In addition, students will have the time and opportunity to converse with the senior citizens, and Tri-M members will invite the seniors to share stories of their favorite musical memories. The conversations will be recorded using digital audio recorders available in the Media Center. If allowed, photographs will also be taken of the senior telling the story and the student collecting the story. The Tri-M students will then create a compilation of these audio recordings, will find and include recordings of music highlighted in the shared stories, and will edit them into an audio anthology of musical memories. In addition, written transcriptions of the stories will be made and will include the photos taken at the time of the story-sharing, and these will be presented to the Senior Center at the end of the year along with the audio anthology. The MRHS Tri-M Chapter will also keep a copy of the anthologies.

This process of listening, collecting and recording stories, and compiling them for other listeners is modeled after the "StoryCorps" project, segments of which are a regular feature on National Public Radio. The concept of StoryCorps is simple; according to its founder, Dave Isay, listening is an act of love.

"The heart of StoryCorps is the conversation between two people who are important to each other: a son asking his mother about her childhood, an immigrant telling his friend about coming to America, or a couple reminiscing on their 50th wedding anniversary. By helping people to connect, and to talk about the questions that matter, the StoryCorps experience is powerful and sometimes even life-changing.

.. .Everybody's story matters and every life counts.

Just as powerful is the experience of listening. Whenever people listen to these stories, they hear the courage, the humor, the trials and triumphs of an incredible range of voices.

By listening closely to one another, we can help illuminate the true character of this nation reminding us all just how precious each day can be and how truly great it is to be alive. "

-Dave Isay, Founder, StoryCorps

Meeting Times:
Monthly (2:15 - 3:00pm)

Attendance Hotline Phone number: (410) 313-5437 · School Code (CEEB) 210745 · Webmaster: