Caryn Hawkins
Marcus Lewis

Alpha meetings will follow this format: 1st Thursday will be Alpha Business meeting 2nd Thursday will be Historical/Educational 3rd Thursday will be Alpha Business meeting 4th Thursday will be Open Discussion We decided that each of us would oversee an area of Alpha Achievers, so here are your committee/job responsibilities: Induction Coordinator- Farah Evans, will work with me to select a date for the induction and oversee the actual induction ceremony Academic Monitor- Don Storr, will check in with Susan Fugate twice a semester at interims & end of the marking period to get an update of grades for all African American males. With this information he will create a report of all African American Males eligible and un-eligible for Alpha Achievers. Fund-Raisers- Thomas Brandel, will coordinate all Alpha Achievers fund-raisers and keep the committee up to date with alpha funds. Field Trips & encouragement- Sheryl Lashley, will coordinate all Alpha Achievers field trips, there are several county field trips and in addition to those the achievers will take one or two educational field trip, perhaps to HBC's and arts events. In addition to this Ms. Lashley will take information from the Academic Monitor and send encouragement letters to those students who raise their GPA and letters to those students who are in danger of losing their Alpha Achievers status. Historical/Educational- Harriett Lee, will coordinate speakers for our 2nd Thursday of the month meeting. Community Services- Elvira Brown, will create a form for the students to fill out when they participate in Community Service projects and keep a record of all Community Service efforts by Alpha Achievers. I will oversee all meetings and interaction with the Alpha Achievers organization. Our team goal for this year will be on board with the mission statement of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity to promote brotherhood and academic excellence, while providing service and advocacy for our community. The MRHS chapter goal will be to encourage MRHS African American males to excel to the Alpha standard and beyond. We are hoping to target several types of students. We want to encourage those students who are close to a 3.0 to become Alpha's in Training. We want our students who have a 3.0 to become alpha achievers, and we want to encourage those students to take advanced placement classes as well as be a part of a national recognized program like the NHS. We also want to create a program that the students feel proud to be a part of the Alpha Achievers program, and students who aren't high scholastically will be inspired to strive for Alpha status.

Meeting Times:
2nd Wednesday (2:10 - 3:10pm)

Attendance Hotline Phone number: (410) 313-5437 · School Code (CEEB) 210745 · Webmaster: