Jennifer Clarkin

The purpose of the club/student organization, Relay for Life: MRHS Mustangs is to fundraise for cancer. Our goal is to raise awareness by planning various fundraisers. All the money will go to American Cancer Society by the end of the year.

In order for a student to become a team member, they have to sign a participation form for an end of the year relay on June 18th to June 19th. If the student cannot participate in the relay, then they can still help out with the fundraisers.

Some projects that are going to be done within Relay for Life: MRHS Mustangs are: ribbons, t-shirts, buttons, and bumper sticker selling during lunch, bake sales after school, and fundraiser nights at different restaurants and food places.

Meeting Times:
Wednesdays (After School) - Room 121

Attendance Hotline Phone number: (410) 313-5437 · School Code (CEEB) 210745 · Webmaster: